Friday, July 20, 2007
Working Under Deadline.

Just a brief set of announcements today, as I'm rushing to finish a draft of book two for my editor by tonight.

1. For all you geeks and gamers out there out there, I'm going to be attending GENCON this year. I used to go all the time back when they held it in Milwaukee, but when they moved it I was pissed and quit showing up.

But now my years of sulking are at an end. I'm heading back and this will be my first time attending in Indianapolis. I'll be doing some panels, workshops, and signings. Maybe even playing a game or two. More details will follow later, when I have more time.

2. I've been crazy busy lately, so if I haven't responded to your e-mail, it doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means that I'm waiting until I have a little free time.

3. I've put up the beginnings of an FAQ over here on the contact page. There will be more questions added in the future.

I'm also thinking of adding an IAQ for Infrequently Asked Questions. Such as "Do you like curry?" and "Do you know where I can buy a soccer ball?" (Yeah, those are real questions I've been asked so far.)

4. I did an interview for Ezzulia.

If you just clicked on it and are worried you can't read it, relax. You're not having a stroke. The interview is in Dutch, as the Dutch translation of the book went on sale about a week ago. I feel so international.

Lastly, I'm doing a book signing a week from now, on July 28th, here in Stevens Point. It's at the Book World on Main Street from 1:00 to 3:00. Feel free to stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

Later all,


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Tuesday, July 17, 2007
A Harry Potter Discussion, Featuring Orson Scott Card and ... Me?

Due to a surreal series of events, I've been invited to have an online discussion with Orson Scott Card about the upcoming conclusion to the Harry Potter series.

So... yeah. One of my favorite authors and me talking about the biggest fantasy series ever. No pressure, right?

Over the next two weeks, both of us will be posting several blogs on the subject, leading up to the release, and following after.

If you're interested in reading it, and participating in the ensuing discussion in the comments section, c'mon over. The first set of blogs have just been posted OVER HERE.

Share and Enjoy,


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Monday, July 16, 2007
New Interview: Straight From the Barrel.

For those of you who are into Q & A interviews, you can find the newest one HERE.

We talk about world building and... um.... Clowns? Honestly I can't remember what I say on these things after I'm done with them. So your guess is probably as good as mine....

And for those of you that have e-mailing and asking, yes I do have a facebook account. That's really me on there. So, feel free to ADD ME, if you like. The more the merrier, as far as I'm concerned.

If you're looking for the deluxe facebook experience, you could sign up for the facebook group someone created a while back... It's called: PAT ROTHFUSS'S LEGION OF FANATICAL MINIONS.

And it's back to revisions for me....



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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Something cool...

Look what showed up in the mail today...

Please note that this is the sort of art that you're NOT supposed to bend. Vehemently not.

It makes me wonder if what sort of person would need to have the not underlined to get the point across. I shudder at the thought of a postal carrier that gets one of these and just skims, reading for the gist of it. "Art... please.... bend...." Then shrugs and does as he's told.

Anyway, on to the cool part....

It's the original artwork for the map in the UK version of the book. The artist was cool enough to give it to me. I'm tingly with geeky joy.

Now that I've posted this up, I wonder if it's okay for me to show this before the book comes out.

Hmmmm... I think I'll just assume it's cool and leave it here until someone asks me to take it down....


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Friday, July 13, 2007
Kvothe vs. Harry Potter - Cage Match!

Those of you who tune into the blog regularly already know that a few weeks ago Orson Scott Card reviewed my book on his website. He said some very flattering things, and, generally I was a blushy with delight.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, someone on FACEBOOK brought the following piece of comic fanart to my attention.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I don't know what to say about it really. Except that I'm flattered, and I think it's funny as hell. And, personally, it looks like Kvothe might be getting ready to kick every inch of Harry's ass if he doesn't move out of the way a little quicker.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder how Kvothe and Harry would get along if they ever met. Wow. That's a weird though. Worlds collide. Just thinking about it makes me feel like I swallowed an ice cube with my brain.

Later all,


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Dinner With Joss Whedon....
Words cannot describe my geeky shame at how much I want THIS.

It's probably a good thing I haven't recieved my advance money for my UK deal yet. Otherwise I would be tempted to do something delicious, charitable, but profoundly financially unwise....



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Monday, July 9, 2007
The UK cover of the book....

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's the UK cover of the book.

Look at me. I'm all viney.

The book won't be released until September over there, but apparently the rumormil is already working overtime. I'm excited to see how well people will like it over there....



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Friday, July 6, 2007

Experiment # 34:

Question: What happens when you mix a caffeine with vanilla extract and drink it?

Hypothesis: A stimulant may prove helpful in assisting with my novel revisions.

Procedures: In an attempt to gain relatively accurate and repeatable dosage information. 2 grams of caffeine were dissolved into 25 ml volumetric flask. This means that every ml of mixture will contain 80 mg of caffeine. Roughly the equivalent of a strong cup of coffee.

Notable statistics:

ORL-RAT LD50 192 mg kg-1

ORL-HMN LDLO 192 mg kg

According to this, my minimum lethal dosage of caffeine would be in excess of 17 grams.

Therefore I should be well under tolerance, no matter how much of the mixture I consume. (Unless I bunged up the math.)


1. Caffeine seems to be rather insoluble. Heat must be applied to supersaturate the solution.

2. Volumetric flasks get hot when you hold them over the gas burner of your stove.


Mixture is a pleasant amber color.

Mixture is intensely bitter, causes burning sensation in mouth and throat.

Stage one: Consume 5 mg of mixture.

Short term effects:

0-30 seconds: Intense urge to gag.

1-3 minutes: Nausea. Extremely unpleasant aftertaste. Some coughing.

4-5 minutes: Coughing fades. Aftertaste remains. Nausea subsides with direct application of skim milk and cinnamon bread sticks.

Mid-term effects.

10 minutes: Desire to watch Invader Zim. (May be coincidental.)

20 minutes: Mild excitability. Belief that I could, perhaps, lift up the front end of a car, if one were available, or if I could be bothered to go outside.

30 minutes: Continued desire for Invader Zim. No appreciable increase in the desire to work on novel.

Stage two: Consume additional 5 mg of mixture.

Short-term effects:

0-30 seconds: Bitter taste. Burning sensation. Intense urge to gag.

1-3 minutes: Nausea. Extremely unpleasant aftertaste. More coughing.

4-5 minutes: Coughing fades. Aftertaste remains. Nausea subsides with direct application of Southwestern Chicken Grinder from Toppers.

Mid-term effects:

10 minutes. Feelings of doubt. Uncertainty. Tendency to question my own sanity. Depression. Further desire for Southwestern Chicken Grinder.

15 minutes: Moderate excitation. Sensation of bloating. (May be unrelated.) Desire to check e-mail.

20 minutes: Moderate desire to write.

30 minutes: Strong desire to write.

Long term effects:

1-5 hours: Productive revisions on book two. Mild Nausea. Mild elation. Urination. Some jittering. Weird pains in large muscle groups, most notably quadriceps and triceps. Tightness in chest. Tunnel of light. Mild dementia and/or conversation with God. Continued desire for Invader Zim. Twinkie.


While this a marked success over Experiment 15, as it involved no prolonged vomiting, the discomfort-to-revision ratio still seems rather high. Also, the small N prevents determination of statistical significance.

And now, sweet, jittery sleep.


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Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Dear Fed-Ex: Why do you hate my book?

A few weeks ago, a bookstore out in California asked if I would sign a bunch of books for them. The thought fills me with joy. Someone out there likes my book. That means, by extension, they like me.

Even better, it means the bookseller is probably going to give my book some extra publicity. That fills me with childlike delight. So I thumbs-up the idea and the people at Penguin tell me to keep an eye out for the delivery.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I wake up at the crack of afternoon, look out onto the porch, and here's what I see:

(Yes, the picture is blurry, but this is actually a pretty good representation of what things look like to me when I wake up.)

There is the box of books, utterly manhandled, abused, and dumped on my porch.

How do I know that this box actually contains my books?

Simple, the box has been busted open along most of its seams and I can actually see the books inside.

Everyone, wave to my book. "Hello book!"

(For those of you that have been wondering what my leg looks like, now you know.)

I don't have children, but this is what I imagine a parent must feel like when they see their kid fall off a jungle-gym or take a really bad digger on their bike. I look at the box and find myself being desperately optimistic. Maybe the books are okay in there, I think to myself. Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

It's as bad as it looks.

Witness the dead remains of six of my books, their spines broken. My only hope is that they didn't feel much pain. Most of the other books had their covers ripped and their pages bunged up pretty badly.

So why am I telling this story? For one, because I'm pissed off and need some catharsis. If I just repress this shit, everything will seem find on the surface. I'll smile, go about my day. Then, eventually, I'll snap and vent my rage in an inappropriate way. Trust me, in a few months you don't want to read a news story about how book three will be delayed because I'm in jail for punching a fluffy kitten.

My second reason for telling you this is to pass along a warning. This isn't the first time I've had my books manhandled and destroyed by Fed-Ex. It's not even the second time. In the last several months I've had at least three packages treated this way.

I could call and complain, but the only real outcome of that is that I'd end up tongue-lashing some poor helpless wageslave on their complaint line.

So instead I'm telling you. Fed-Ex are a bunch of book-killing choads. Don't ship your stuff with them if you give a damn about how it arrives.

From now on, I'm a UPS man.

Here endeth the lesson,


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